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  1. Dante, Draper, and de Bosis: Teaching "The Italian Lesson" Today
  2. Checklist for Self-Study for Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  3. ADE Checklist for Departmental Self-Study
  4. Surveying Comparative Literature from the Pacific Rim
  5. Are Americans Plural but America Mono?
  6. Learners’ Goals and Curricular Designs: The Field’s Response to the 2007 MLA Report on Foreign Language Education
  7. Beyond the Language-Literature Divide: Advanced Pedagogy for Training Graduate Students
  8. Modernism in Translation
  9. Translating Caribbean Orality
  10. On Baudelaire’s “Balcony”: An Opening for Translation in the General Literature Classroom
  11. Translation in the Undergraduate Curriculum
  12. Literary Translation and the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Forum
  13. What Role Do Translation Programs Have in American Universities?
  14. The Role of Thinking in the College Language Classroom
  15. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Digital Humanities Projects
  16. Fault Lines and Coherence in Language and Literature Departments
  17. From Comprehension to Production: Literary Texts in the Advanced Foreign Language Classroom
  18. The MLA Recommendations: Can We Get There from Here?
  19. Cultural Studies and the Undergraduate Curriculum in Spanish
  20. The Major in Foreign Languages: A Four-Pronged Meditation
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