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  1. Dante, Draper, and de Bosis: Teaching "The Italian Lesson" Today
  2. Statement on Indigenous Languages of the World in the College and University Curriculum
  3. Foreign Language Study in the Age of Globalization: The College-Level Experience
  4. An Experiment in Collaborative Humanities: Imagining the World, 500–1500 CE
  5. The Challenge to Foreign Language Learning in American Colleges and Universities: Location, Location, Location
  6. Lessons from an (Officially) Bilingual Neighbor and a (Really) Multilingual Union
  7. The Necessity of Second-Language Learning
  8. Reforming American Higher Education: The University of Rhode Island International Engineering Program
  9. Foreign Languages and Student Learning in the Age of Accountability
  10. Transcultural and Transdisciplinary Approaches: A European View
  11. From Comprehension to Production: Literary Texts in the Advanced Foreign Language Classroom
  12. The MLA Recommendations: Can We Get There from Here?
  13. Systemic and Systematic Assessment as a Keystone for Language and Literature Programs
  14. Forum on Language Policy and the Politics of Language
  15. Focus on Form: Foreign Language Study and Cognitive Development
  16. The Value of Spanish: Shifting Ideologies in United States Language Teaching
  17. Study Abroad: An Open Door to Language Learning
  18. Advancing Departmental Objectives through Assessment
  19. Hunter College, City University of New York: Department of German
  20. California State University, Long Beach: Department of Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures
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