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  1. Mercantilism of Language or Commerce of Thinking?
  2. Sharing Governmentality: What Is to Be Done?
  3. Leveraging Faculty Governance and Union Activism in the California State University System
  4. Shared Governance at Community Colleges: Challenges and Successes
  5. Decision Making: Share It or Share It Out?
  6. Introduction
  7. Statement of Professional Ethics
  8. Advice for Authors, Reviewers, Publishers, and Editors of Literary Scholarship
  9. Guidelines for Good Practice by the Committee on the Literatures of People of Color in the United States and Canada
  10. ADFL Policy Statements on the Administration of Foreign Language Departments
  11. ADFL Statement of Good Practice: Teaching, Evaluation, and Scholarship
  12. ADE Statement of Good Practice: Teaching, Evaluation, and Scholarship
  13. Guide to Self-Study of Courses and Teaching in Undergraduate English Programs in Teacher Education
  14. Self-Study Guide for Doctoral Programs
  15. ADE Guide for External Reviewers
  16. ADE Checklist for Departmental Self-Study
  17. Computer-Related Repetitive Strain Injuries: An Advisory
  18. Guidelines for Institutional Support of and Access to IT for Faculty Members and Students
  19. Minimal Guidelines for Authors of Web Pages
  20. Using Sign Language Interpreters
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